ICSW Europe Social Summit Progress and Social Welfare Moscow 2017, 18- 19th of May, 2017

jún 6 2016

The experts from Europe will present legislative and standard framework, the defining observances of basic guarantees of social protection, political measures in the field of social security, strategy of expansion of coverage of social security in relation to the vulnerable groups of population, people with disabilities, senior generation, emigrants and also the persons occupied in formal and informal economy. The special focus will be put on actual general social problems related to the ICSW European Region.

Participation in the Summit of experts from Europe including the experts from Eurasian Region will provide an opportunity to define the strategic regional directions of development of social protection of the population in the international context.

Expected results:

  1. Preparing and adoption of the Summit Resolution as the recommendation to professional sector at national and regional level.
  2. Preparation and publishing of Summit proceedings.
  3. Publicizing of the Summit in mass media of Moscow, the Russian Federation and abroad.

Rerelevance for ICSW Europe:

  • Strengthening of the national ICSW member organizations;
  • Development of regional cooperation within membership of ICSW;
  • Stimulation of development and implementation of joint research and practical regional and interregional projects in development of basic guarantees of social security and improvement of models of social protection of the vulnerable groups of the population;
  • The association of efforts of politicians, NGOs, scientists and practitioners in the field of social work aimed to meet the needs of targeted groups at national and regional context.
  • Development of indicators for carrying out monitoring and the analysis of development and strengthening of Social Protection Floors at the national level;
  • Carrying out educational campaigns at the national level for illumination of a role of social sector in social and economic development of society and growth of social welfare of its members;
  • Improvement of quality of life of targeted groups of the population: the elderly , large families; the families which are bringing up disabled children; disabled people; unemployed; emigrants and displaced persons; the children at risk.

Summit schedule

2 days Program:
18th of May - Plenary Discussion
19th of May – Focus Workshops/ afternoon visits to Moscow social services
Working languages : English and Russian
Summit Social Program:
18th of May - Welcome Reception
19th of May - Opera House/Moscow Conservatory
20th - 21st of May – Sightseeing:
- Moscow Kremlin + Red Square
- Moscow River boat tour
- The Cathedral of Christ the Savior + The Arbat
- Bus tour to Summer Residence of Russian Royal Family

Moscow Institute for Additional Professional Education of Workers for Social Services
10, 1st Basmanny side street, Moscow, 105066, Russian Federation
Telephone: +7 (495) 607-06-46
Email: ipktest@yandex.ru
Internet: www.soc-education.ru
Contact person: Natalia Rigina

More informations in the attachment:

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