2nd V4 Conference on Public Health 2015 - Health for public, public for health, 17-18 September 2015, Park Hotel Diament, Zabrze, Poland

máj 24 2015


Tygiel Foundation and School of Public Health, Medical University of Silesia in Katowice and Silesia Division of Polish Public Health Association (PTZP) proudly invite to the 2nd V4 Conference on Public Health „Health for Public, Public for Health”, to be held in Zabrze, Poland on 17-18 September 2015.

Two years after the spectacular success of the 1st V4 Conference on Public Health (more here), that was held in Kosice, Slovakia in 2013, we kindly encourage international scholars, students, physicians and all public health specialists, practitioners and leaders to join us in Zabrze, Poland. We honestly believe you will use this exciting opportunity to join the international forum to share and discuss ideas and experiences, present and publish research results, as well as simply arrange and develop your personal cooperation networks. At the same time, we believe the conference will also be an opportunity to learn about the fascinating cultural and postindustrial legacy of Upper Silesia.

We expect 150 international participants. Although the conference will primarily focus on the Visegrad Group Member States, colleagues from other countries are also kindly welcome!


Social, political and economic changes of past 25 years resulted in changes in lifestyles or social position of many groups of citizens in V4 countries. Newly created situation has its effect on the area of health, by developing chances to effectively combat health threats and improve the health status of the population. At the same time this processes of change may also result in the emergence of new threats. For example economic transformation gave citizens the opportunity to improve their financial situation, which can be translated into better living conditions. On the other hand it has placed great emphasis on competition and personal success thus creating a threat to mental health. Changes of external socio-economic conditions caused change in the way people see public health and what they expect of it. As a result while some of the previously used methods of operation are challenged or proved to be very ineffective, new promising ones emerge from technological progress and new social trends.

This calls for revision of general state of public health in V4 countries and discussion on its future.

Idea of the conference

The idea of 2nd V4 Public Health Conference was built on the assumption that the V4 countries face similar challenges in the area of ​​health. However, due to the diversity of system solutions in each country approach to health problems may vary. In this context it is important to build strong cross-border relationships between partners from Czech Republic, Hungary, Poland and Slovakia in order to foster development of knowledge and exchange of best practices. Important element of building innovative and flexible public health system is placing local achievements and practices in European and global context. Therefore the Conference is open not only to participants from V4 countries but also to representatives of other European and non-European countries.

Aim of the conference

The basic aim of the conference is to share knowledge and exchange experiences between participants in the issue of building flexible public health systems easily adapting to changing health needs and expectations of modern societies. The conference is primarily addressed to participants from V4 countries, but applications from other countries are welcomed as well.

The invitation to attend the conference is especially addressed to:

  • public health young and experienced researchers medical doctors,
  • nurses,
  • managers of healthcare facilities,
  • sanitary and epidemiological service workers,
  • civil servants
  • local government staff representatives,
  • NGOs
  • undergraduate and postgraduate students of relevant courses.

Abstract submission is opened from March 23, 2015 until Jun 1, 2015

Full text papers must be submitted not later than October 18, 2015.

We look forward to seeing you in Zabrze in September!

More informations: www.v4-publichealth.eu

Odborným partnerom pre príspevky z oblasti verejného zdravotníctva je Slovenská asociácia verejného zdravia (SAVEZ).

Slovenská asociácia verejného zdravia (SAVEZ) je mimovládna organizácia (občianske združenie), ktorá vznikla v júni 2003 z iniciatívy European Public Health Association (EUPHA) a Open Society Institute (OSI). Od novembra 2003 je SAVEZ členom EUPHA a má zastúpenie v EUPHA Governing Council (2 reprezentanti) a EUPHA International Scientific Committee (1 reprezentant).