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Zborník z medzinárodnej vedeckej konferencie Aplikovaná etika v sociálnej práci v PDF (Piešťany, 2010)

jan 4 2011

MÁTEL, A. – SCHAVEL, M. – MÜHLPACHR, P. – ROMAN, T. 2010. Aplikovaná etika v sociálne práci a ďalších pomáhajúcich profesiách. Zborník z medzinárodnej vedeckej konferencie. Bratislava : VŠZaSP sv. Alžbety. 413 s. ISBN 978-80-89271-89-4. Konferencia sa konala 20.-21. 10. 2010 v Piešťanoch.

Eliminácia agresivity a šikanovania prostredníctvom prosociálnosti

okt 24 2010

Elimination of aggressiveness and harassment through pro-sociability
Abstract: The problem of child and youth abuse is rightfully in the centre of attention and is becoming a problem of the whole society. The wave of violence keeps rising more and more among young people and the age limit of these people keeps getting lower. Even though harming and taking advantage of others has always been present in human society, nowadays the alarming fact is not only the increasing tendency of the occurence of child abuse but also the increasing rudeness and aggressiveness in various forms of this negative phenomenon.
Upbringing of a child in a family environment, later school environment, and the influence of broader social environment play a very important role in this problem. In our opinion, young people could recognize and choose the way to learn how to behave towards others with love, to treat them as equal, and to be strong in admitting their weaknesses. Modern education is capable of this by means of pro-social education.
Key words: aggressiveness, harassment, pro-social education

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