ICSW Global Cooperation Newsletter, October - November 2015, PDF

jan 12 2016

Content of Newsletter October 2015
- Feature article. The post-2015 World – Implications for Social Development
by Clem McCartney
- The value of care and domestic work: why the gender gap matters
by Eloïse Leboutte and Ignacio Socias
- UN adopts landmark resolution on principles for sovereign debt restructuring
- Useful resources and links—the find of the month

Content of Newsletter November 2015
Feature article:
- What Kind of International Support for Social Protection Floors?
by Barry Herman
- Inter-Agency collaboration on social protection: heated discussions, some practical outcomes and a quest for new vigor by Sergei Zelenev
- Parliamentarians to galvanize action on climate change
- Useful resources and links – the find of the month

International Council on Social Welfare (ICSW)

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