Biodromal psychology - New concept of the university study subject and educational practice

jún 14 2016

Abstract: We present the author´s innovative concept Biodromal psychology for social worker, social pedagogue, social andragogue.
Keywords: Biodromal psychology

We prepared the publication that we currently offer to a general public having a lot of sensitive professionally and humanly competent workers actuating in aiding professions in mind.

We also imagined all the students that are preparing themselves in various levels of education process for the profession of social worker, social pedagogue, social andragogue and they are also improving their personable competence which is as important for their work as their professional competence. After all, the tool of social aid in contact with clients are the actual workers of aiding profession in particular.

We wanted to reveal the psychology of the life journey or the Biodromal psychology (in Slovakia the idea of biodromal psychology for the first time presented professor Jozef Koščo, the international authority of psychology, in the year 1960) to a reader, because it has much to say to all people that are focused to solving problems and not crying them over and so they can´t fall in to the negativism and rigidity not only in their professional but also in their personal life. It is a general truth that somebody who is not making a push and working to improve his or her own personality can not effectively and meaningfully help, educate and lead people to their own personal development.

In aiding professions, especially if the person chose this work from the internal consideration – motive, are usually without the interest to the outside gold-leaf engaged the best of the best, because they do not work, but they devolve themselves to the people, to the world and to the life itself. And this all in everyday life, in their every life situation and without the regard to their own problems. They know and feel, that the problems are given to the people to teach them how to solve them in their psychical, social and material limits. Their belief probably unwittingly comes from the fact that was ascertained in praxis, that the source of the change of any uneasy life situation of any individual is hidden deeply inside his or her psychic. This potential source, which is waiting for its realization in every person we decided to call individual potential.

Exactly this genetically given power, disposition of human to survive and to develop to a unique personality can be summoned to activity by social impulses. The workers of aiding professions have in hand strong help providing tools, by which is equipped the entire system and branched net of help. Psychical change of the personal is exactly the moment, which in the matter of managing, solving and prevention is the key to a solving of social or personal problem for the person in distress.

We present the biodromal psychology as a science which knowledge, methodological processes, identification, apprehension and interpretation ways of psychical events in lifelong evolution, learning and improvement of the person can be a contribution for interdisciplinary portfolio of theoretical basis and also practical activity of aiding profession. We have in mind the aiding professions of social worker, social pedagogue, social andragogue, who are in their professional activity focused by their own specific methods to a prevention, managing and solving of the social and educational problems of the target group and individuals.

We composed the publication we introduce so that it could offer to its reader the theoretical and applied knowledge of biodromal psychology in the first place. We also had in mind the expert curiosity of readers and we incorporated the chosen studies to the structure of this book, in which we represented the applied topics of biodromal psychology. We also used our long-term experience in education of adult university students in subject Biodromal Psychology which we constituted in the Andragogy department of Philosophic faculty of Comenius University in Bratislava - Slovakia in the year 1993 and developed further in the study field - social work in the Social work department of the Orthodox theological faculty of University in Prešov - Slovakia from the year 2010 till today. These professional experiences with teaching the students of bachelor and master level of University degree had led us to the fact, that we incorporated the tutorial study of biodromal psychology to this book. Our own praxis in field of psychological counselling and psychotherapy for adult had inspired us to publish the examples of biodromal psychology too.

Author: Prof. PhDr. MÁRIA MACHALOVÁ, PhD.

MACHALOVÁ,MÁRIA.2010. Biodromálna psychológia pre sociálnych pracovníkov, sociálnych pedagógov a andragógov. (Biodromal psychology for social worker, social pedagogue and andragogue.) Brno (Czech republic) : IMS, 2010. ISBN 978-80-87182-10-9.

MACHALOVÁ,MÁRIA.2011. Biodromálna psychológia pre pomáhajúce profesie. (Biodromal psychology for helping professions.) Prešov (Slovakia) : Pravoslávna bohoslovecká fakulta, Prešovská univerzita, 2011. ISBN 978-80-555-0321-0.

MACHALOVÁ,MÁRIA.2011. Psychologia biodromalna w zawodach wspomagąjącich. Gorlice (Poland) : ELPIS, 2011. ISBN 978-83-931180-6-9.

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