The fundamental base of work culture and work spirituality (PDF)

mar 12 2015

This book is published as a result of cooperation of two different groups of specialists and professionals who dealt with the questions of “human conditions” and human dignity at work. The first group of researchers consisted of four specialists in different fields and various kinds of science work like Catholic Social Teaching, Catholic Moral theology, Political Philosophy and Political Ethics, Applied Ethics and Business Ethics, and finally a specialist for Catholic Theology with interest in biblical studies. On the other hand there were professionals from all sort of different firms and enterprises, professionals who work in many positions and finally specialists of all kinds labour union fields.



I. Human dignity in the context of protection of human rights
in modern democratic society
1.1. Crucial endeavour about universal validity of human rights` thought
1.2. Historic – religious point of view
1.3. Politically-philosophical problem of the thought of protection of human rights
1.4. Church and its historic struggle in order to understand human rights
1.5. Society and Church: starting points for mutual acceptance

II. Respect for human dignity as the highest form of work culture
2.1. Work culture
2.2. Firm or corporate culture
2.3. Work culture must be the “relation” to the human person
2.4. The concept of a human nature
2.5. Work is the basic dimension of the human dignity
2.6. Enough of work - Universal employment
2.7. Fair wage
2.8. Trade unions as a condition for respect of human dignity
2.9. Respect to the human dignity – the best way how to develop a work culture
2.10. Social capital
2.11. More areas of work culture
2.12. The trade unions and work culture

III. Social dialogue as a key element of decent work
3.1. Social dialogue and Slovak Government
3.2. Paradoxes of social dialogue
3.3. The rules of collective bargaining
3.4. The positions of social partners

IV. Spirituality of work
4.1. The Bible about work
4.2. Second Vatican Council about work
4.3. View on work after II Vatican Council
4.4. A Christian Spirituality of Work
4.5. 7th day – in Russian – Vozkresenie


Title: The fundamental base of work culture and spirituality of work
First edition
Authors: doc. ThDr. Ing. Inocent Mária Szaniszló, PhD.
doc. ThDr. Martin Uháľ, PhD.
doc. Ing. Ľubica Černá, PhD.
doc. ThDr. Róbert Lapko, PhD.
Reviewers: doc. Ing. Lidmila Nemcová, CSc. (VŠE, Praha)
Dr. hab. Dariusz Lipiec (KUL Lublin, PL)
doc. ThDr. Štefan Lenčiš, PhD. (TFKU)
Publisher: For Theology Faculty of Catholic University in Košice published:
Wydawnictwo Karmelitów Bosych, Kraków
Published in: KRAKÓW 2013
Print: Typopress, Košice-Myslava, Pod horou 8, 040 16.
ISBN: ISBN: 978-83-7604-291-6