Book Life ’s turn. From Biodromal psychology point of view and The authentic life stories

júl 2 2018

The content of this book consists of scientific and scholarly contributions as well as the authentic life stories of people entitled 'My life turn.' A combination of scientific and scholarly text, based on theoretical and empirical research with authentic life stories written by university students of daily and external study from three universities in Slovakia and in Bohemia, we consider it a step towards enriching the theoretical knowledge with people's life and vice versa, as a step towards enriching the lives of people with theoretical knowledge.

In this book we express our expert opinion on the psychological aspect, the social aspect and the educational aspect of the life of adults of today, from the point of view of lifelong developmental psychology, i.e. biodromal psychology, and from the point of view of social adult education. In the center of our attention is the development of people's abilities to live, adult personality development, social education, development of individual potential, social-psychic adaptation of people, self-reflection and self-awareness, projective methods of knowledge and self-identification of man and other topics.

The preparation of the book has been motivated by a sincere interest to encourage readers to think about themselves and others, and to encourage them to be true to their unique talent, talent, abilities. Because only by their own efforts and their efforts they can find the answer to the question Who am I? Who do I want to be? How do I live and how do I want to live? If they understand their life path, they have a chance to understand other people on their life path. The heart of this book are the authentic life stories of people aged 19 to 45, who are the living testimony of many and difficult 'turns of life' and personal changes on the path of self-knowledge and self-realization of man. Just as Phoenix 'rose from the ashes' stronger and more beautiful than ever before, the life stories in this book also testify that it is worth overcoming the difficult life situations, events, and problems, because those who have overcome them mostly really rose from the ashes. And due to their personal experience, they have become more receptive to themselves and to other people.

The book you hold in your hands is a living testimony to the unrepeatability and uniqueness of every person. People in the period of young adulthood and the middle age, the main heroes of the 2nd chapter of this book leave an important message through their own life stories, their sincerity and their willingness to share their experience. They bring inspiration to the life of sensitive people who want not only to read something, but also to understand and enriched by this new experiences act for the benefit of their lives. The book is a scientific text that is illustrated by authentic examples of bio-dromal psychology (psychology of the life path), in the form of written self-expression of adults on 'My Life Turn.' We have written and compiled the book so that it is not only innovative in this particular field of knowledge and exploration, but appealing for a reader through valuable theoretical and applied knowledge. We believe that this publication has a chance to become a useful source of knowledge for all who are not indifferent neither to their own lives nor to the lives of other people, nor to life on our dear planet Earth.


Message about the book
Words to Readers
College students on “My life turn.“

1.1 Words to man´s everydayness
1.2 In people is source of mental power and the sense of their life
1.3 The man is Live Soul
1.4 Educational social work and development of human personality
1.5 Self-identification and development of people at present
1.6 Spiritual crisis, human integrity and social education

(Psychological Self-diagnostic)
2.1 The metaphor of Being – A man is a child of Heaven and lives on the Earth
2.2 Authentic stories I
2.3 Authentic stories II
2.4 Authentic stories III
2.5 Authentic stories IV
2.6 The responsability of a man for his life

3.1 Knowing one´s personality from the drawing of a tree and handwriting
(psychographic method and psychological diagnosis)
3.2 Psychological maturity manifested in handwriting
(psychographic qualitative personality research )
3.3 Some features of sociability in the handwriting of teachers and students of psychology
(psychographic quantitative research)

4.1 Biodromal psychology – definition of context
4.2 Human personality in biodromal concept
4.3 Biodromal psychological development of a man
4.4 Life path and life events in the context of biodromal psychology
4.5 Life development roles and personality development roles
4.6 Life stages and the role of growth and development of one´s personality in adulthood
4.7 Biodromal psychology in brief


The crucial aspect of life-long learning is neither an economic nor a career aspect, but the development of the personality of a person.Therefore not only is it necessary for a man to learn, learning is a must, from the cradle to the grave. Even in the last second of earthly life one has to learn and humble, obediently fulfill the main role of human life on Earth - Becoming a mature man and being a mature man within the limits of his own God-given abilities - professionally expressed - within his genotype and ancestral heritage forever. That's why we never ask ourselves why we need to learn all our lives, ain childhood and youth as well as in adulthood or in older age and also as seniors. It is always necessary to learn, because just like we breathe without stopiing, we are learn constantly. We learn not only till we die but beyond the grave. Indeed, who is to manage our transition from material existence to afterlife but us? The knowledge of every human being which is transformed into the rational, emotional and moral experience of man is original, unique and therefore absolutely non-transferrable. However, knowledge must be internalized, that is, one has to embody what he knows. Knowing is a higher level of human functioning. Knowing is the to transform knowledge into life through reason and heart, for man is a holistic being who Recognizes – Knows - Acts and at the same time Senses and Evaluates.
Man is to arrive at his own wisdom, which he can express authentically. He only arrives at wisdom by his own efforts, by his own sensation, by his own thinking, by his own behavior, by his own actions.

What should then be the aim of education?
Systemic ability to live, that is to say, the ability to socialize with the acquisition of social experience; ability to identify socially, psychologically, culturally, spiritually with someone and with something in the social environment; ability to adapt to the social environment of a person; ability to integrate into the social environment as part of social groups and be mentally, socially and spiritually integrated; the ability to discover and to know and realize their own psychic and social potential, i.e. a gift and talent for life. And also to educate and led people to make sure that one is fully aware of being essentially a spiritual being and - that mean one should act and behave accordingly. Only there is a chance to develop positively, intellectually, emotionally and morally, and become an advance person. People are by their nature the Spirit expressed by their unique own Soul - Psychic. The soul is an individualized manifestation of the Spirit. Imagine that man is a 'computer,' in which there is a substantial program - and this is the Soul - it can be imagined as software donated to man. The body system of a human being can be imagined as a hardware donated to man.

We are fully aware that to you, the reader, the thoughts we present hereby may appear to be just some speculation. But at the same time, how did these 'speculations' come to our minds and our hearts? If we know that nothing that happens in life, and nothing that happens in man, is a coincidence! Everything that happens is legitimate.

Prof. PhDr. Mária Machalová, PhD.
About the book

From Biodromal psychology point of view and The authentic life stories

(Chapter 1, Chapter 2 - editor, Subchapter 2.1; 2.6, Chapter 3, Chapter 4,
Message of the book, Words to readers, Introduction, Conclusion, Summary)
PETER SENKO (Chapter 2 - editor)

Prof. hab Andrzej Lipczyński
Prof. PaedDr. Milan Schavel, PhD.
PhDr. Bohuslav Kuzyšin, PhD.

Editor: Doc. ThDr. Ján Husár, PhD.
The cover of the book: Doc. ThDr. Ján Husár, PhD.

Bratislava , Slovak republic

Year of publication: 2018

ISBN 978-80-972795-2-3
EAN 9788097279523

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